Thursday, November 22, 2007

Charlie's Nightclub

My Niteclub "After Dusk" will be a gothic like dungeon with a moody atmosphere of smoke (smoke machines), Chandaleres, Old Victorian style longes with spider web wallpaper (Pinstriped with spiders).

It will kinda be like halloween every night. With candlelit pumpkin heads. I'll have a polished cement floor for an industrial like feel and my Niteclub will be aimed at young teens and young adults, so for ages between 18-30 years old.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Alyce's night club interior

My night club is going to be retro themed, it will have a fun energetic vibe. The interior will be bright and full of colour with disco balls hanging from the ceiling. It is going to have multi level dance floors with random poles for a bit of fun. I want to have retro styled furniture like fluro bean bags and curved chairs. The walls will be covered in abstract art work to create a feel of surrealism. Although the club is retro I want the music to be fresh new dance tunes, with different DJs each weekend. The stairs to the top level will be funky and light up. I want a curved bar for a relaxed yet funky feel. The club will be for over 18s and will be mainly suited to a younger age group like the just turned 18s to 25. My club is for people who r full of life and energy that want to party and dance all nite.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

200 words surf label

My surf label is for girls aged between 13 and 25. i want to have lots of bright colours, patterns, beading, shimmer. There will be different styles of bikinis, dresses, shorts, tops also accesories like bangles, sunnies etc. When girls wear the clothes i want them to feel confident and pretty. i want the clothes to represent fun and energy. i was inspired by brands such as tiger-lily, roxy and mink pink. girls would wear these clothes to the beach shopping, on holidays and some of the dresses and can go from day to night. the patterns will be fun and cute yet totaly different. i want the brand to have an energetic bubbly appeal. It will be stocked at all major surf shops and also have its own stores.


I want the shop to have a lively bubbly atmosphere. i want one of the walls to be a bightly coloured patterned feature wall. the floors will have a marbel look and the counter will be a wooden antic, i want there to be a stand for the accesories i find that will make it easier for customers to try on sunnies etc. and it will also allow more space. There will be a backseat of an old car for a lounge. I also want dangling lights, and long mirrors all around the store to make it seem bigger. The shelves will be long and against the walls and a few small racks through the centre of the store. The window displays will be fun and colourful. The change rooms will be located down the back of the store it their own section. They will have full length mirrors and one on each wall in every change room allowing the customer to see every angle of their body. There will also be a mirror outside the change rooms. In the hall way out side the change rooms i want the wall to be a hot pink feature wall.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Charlie's top 10 sites

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kates toolbox


kates shopping spree

1. HP Laser jet 3050 all-in-one (printer, copier, fax)
Price- $499.00

2. Mac book Pro 15inch 2.4GHz
Price $2499.00

3. Adobe illustrator csb
price: $599.95

Adobe in design cs3

Adobe photoshop cs3
price: 999.95


4. Imac 24inch 2.16GHz
price: $1999


5. ipod 80GB
price: 349.00


6. powershot S5 1S digital camera
price: $699


7. DC230 digital video camera
price: $829


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Charlie's $10,000

1 - MacBook pro 17-inch 2.4GHz $3,999.00

2 - Maxtor OneTouch II (300GB) External Hard Drive $499.00,239029473,240002561,00.htm

3 - Canon Powershot G7 Digital Camera $707.52

4 - CANON ImageClass MF8180C Colour Laser Multifunction $1,499.00

5 - Adobe InDesign CS3 A$ 1,214.00

6 - Adobe Photoshop CS3A$ 1,125.00

7 - Adobe Illustrator CS3A$ 1,038.00

8 - Kensington PocketMouse Pro Portable USB Mouse $30.00

Total: $10,111.52

over $111.52

ill have to pitch in :(