Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Marija Study Option 1

Film and Video
Certificate IV in Screen
(Film and Video)
Mt Gravatt
Start dates: February
Duration: 1 year full time
Entry requirements: Direct entry
Why choose this program?
The Certificate IV in Screen (Film and Video)
focuses on skills needed for successful film
production. The program covers production
of a non-sync film, SP Betacam, DV video
and AVID editing from concept to completion.
This includes screenwriting, working with a
variety of 16mm, 35mm and SP Betacam
cameras, deciding on the right film stock
for the project, knowledge of continuity,
coverage and composition, lighting, working
with the laboratory, logging footage, editing,
sound editing and digital cut of final product.
Students also take a diploma level subject
as part of this program that allows them to
have an operational understanding in the use
of 16mm, Super16mm, 35mm, SP Betacam
and DV cameras. Graduates will be familiar
with AVID digital editing software and those
administrational, graphics and special effects
software packages needed to produce
projects to broadcast standard.
Career opportunities
Positions within the Film and TV industry or independent film making

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stacy said...

from an industry forum i attended recently film making using 35mm 16mm and super 16mm is finding difficult to get funding. so expensive with the stock processing and post prod. make sure you find a course that concentrates more on a digital platform eg dv and hd