Tuesday, June 12, 2007


$10,000 ??

as a designer I would need equipment first ,I already has some equipment like a sewing machines, so the other stuff I will need is below,

Computer - -Mac book pro - $ 2899. www.store.apple.com

Scanner and Printer - Epson Stylus - CX3900 $99.00 www.store.apple.com

Start up screen printer - py41(on sale) - $2275.25 www.ryanrss.com

200 Womens Softfeel sheer jerseys
200 mens softel jerseys www.europeanwear.com

( combined cotton) $1200.00

Web site advertising Flat rate of $99.95 www.wpromote.com

Canaon EOS-5D Digital camera $2,079 www.4.shopping.com

All up that is $8652.2

1 comment:

stacy said...

t shirts are cheap only $3 each is that $au?
do you want to be a printer? have you printing experience? otherwise could be cheaper to outsource to prof with drying and curing facilities. a thought.