Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Jasmine-Design Ethics & URL's

Designer Ethics

- Always look at the positive as well as negative aspects of design work to establish not only what works, but what could be improved

- Record/document all design processes and make a copy of everything as a back-up

- Devise an ethical courses of action toward design briefs

- Make sure as a designer you are technically right and wisely evaluate given briefs

- Manage time in advance to ensure every aspect of the clients design needs are met

- Always approach clients and briefs professionally to ensure you produce the highest standard

- Work as a team and have strong communication to collaborate the highest quality of work possible.

- Ensure you understand the laws of copyright and the protection as well as limits they create

- Always have respect for the profession. For colleagues, clients, competition and audience

- Be objective and balanced in criticizing another designers work

Top 10 URL’s for jasmine

-http://www.designtaxi.com/news.jsp?id=4500&monthview=1&month=9 &year=2006

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stacy said...

all good. dont think crystals site is all that useful in the grand scheme of thingsand in the states and all