Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charlie's 10 work ethics

1 – Remember the copyright laws, and make sure everything I produce is purely my own work.

2 –Time management.

3 - Not to criticise others work by putting it down.

4 – Be punctual and on time.

5 – present my work neatly.

6 – To keep everything well organised so that it is easily accessible.

7 – always check with your clients or who you are working for if you don’t understand something. Better to be sure then find out later you were wrong….

8 – STRESS – It is very easy to become stressed, try to avoid this by taking brakes, and managing my time and by not taking on more than I can handle.

9 – Stay up to date with the latest software, and by reading magazines etc.

10 – Stay positive and have fun along the way…. You only live once…

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