Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aimee Graphic 2

Photography - Advanced Diploma / Bachelor of Design

Qualifications: Bachelor of Design (Photography) 
Advanced Diploma of Photography (optional early exit)
Program Nos: BD-2G20, AD-2G20
Department: Graphic Arts Technolooy
Faculty: Design
Campus: Reid
Accredited To:31/12/08
Job Opportunities: Commercial photographer, photographic illustrator, photography teacher, photojournalist, wedding and portrait photographer, digital image creator and developer
Entry Requirements: You must: 
- have an ACT Year 12 Certificate, or equivalent, including T-Major in English OR be Mature Age (turn at least 20 in first year of study) with relevant work experience and a demonstrated level of general education and fundamental computer workstation operating skills that provide you with a reasonable chance of successfully completing the program.

- attend an interview where you will present a portfolio of your recent work which demonstrates your achievement and potential in: 
- photographic skills 
- design and visual communication 
- aesthetic evaluation and judgement 
- creative and innovative conceptual thinking 
- motivation and interest in photography 
- communication and computer skills 
- career and industry awareness.
Additional Information You will be encouraged to purchase your own photographic and computer equipment and associated software after consultation with staff. You may also be required to pay additional costs of approximately $1000 per semester associated with textbooks, technology, equipment, materials, stationery requirements, excursions and student exhibition fee.
Subjects: To gain the Bachelor of Design (Photography) you must successfully complete the following:
Course No
Core (complete all)
PHOT121Photographic practice 1
PHOT122Photographic technology 1
GRPH188Digital imaging (fundamentals)
PHOT123Visual culture (photographic history)
PHOT124Communication for photographers
PHOT125Photographic practice 2
PHOT126Photographic technology 2
GRPH189Digital imaging (advanced)
PHOT127Visual culture (theories)
PHOT128Presentation methods
PHOT129Photographic practice 3
PHOT130Photographic technology 3
GRPH190Digital imaging (capture)
PHOT131Visual culture (contemporary photography)
PHOT132Photographic industry awareness
PHOT133Photographic practice 4
PHOT134Concept development
PHOT135Professional practice 1
Electives (students must complete AT LEAST 216 hours of electives)
PHOT142Negotiated study for photography 1
PHOT143Negotiated study for photography 2
PHOT144Negotiated study for photography 3
PHOT145Negotiated study for photography 4
PHOT150Digital photographic practice
GRPH192Graphic design studio 1
GRPH194Graphic design studio 2
GRPH19Graphic design studio 3
GRPH191Graphics technology 1
GRPH193Graphics technology 2
DSGN135Digital media studio 1
DSGN137Digital media studio 2
DSGN138Digital media studio 3
DSGN134Digital media technology 1
DSGN136Digital media technology 2
DSGN131Digital video and sound
You may exit at this point with an Advanced Diploma of Photography
PHOT136Photographic practice 5
PHOT137Exhibition development
PHOT138Industry placement
PHOT139Photographic practice 6
PHOT140Professional promotion
PHOT141Professional practice 2

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stacy said...

sounds like a great course for you. ask if cert 4 will give you entry as you wont be twenty