Tuesday, June 5, 2007

kate-my design ethics

1. Dont stop learning, be open to new ideas and always try new things.
2. Always make sure I'm enjoying what I'm doing. No power point presentations unless its completely nessesary.
3. challange myself. dont get bored and keep thinking outside the square and into the spiral. no sleep walking through life.
4. surround myself with people that make me happy.
5. believe in what im working on. without belief there is no truth.
6. dont allow work to run my life.
7. be a hoarder keep everything i possibly can.
8. be truthful to clients. i believe in karma.
9. paint swatches. you can never have enough paint swatches.
10. when things get stressfull watch greys antomy and drink a bottle of vodka.

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