Tuesday, June 5, 2007

elise- design ethics

My 10 commandments as an Interior designer

• Always work to the best of my ability and with excellence
• Always work responsibly and honestly
• Keep communication at its highest particularly when it comes to clients and tradespeople.
• Only Quote honestly and with knowledge and confidence
• Avoid discrimination e.g. sex, disability, country of origin
• BUT at the same time work with integrity- do not work for clients, businesses or design things for subjects I don’t agree
with- e.g. smoking, strip clubs etc.
• Always be organised and on time, think ahead, plan, use diary, well equipped
• Adhere to copyright laws, don’t rip off others works
• Be true to the clients wants and needs when designing and work within the perimeters and budget
• Treat clients/others kindly, with tolerance and professionally
• Do not allow work to take over life!

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stacy said...

a good effort. what about practicing ohs and environmentally aware