Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aimee Design Course

Graphic Design
Diploma of Arts 
(Graphic Design and Advertising)

The Diploma of Arts is a unique hands-on course designed to teach students advanced Graphic Design skills such as Typography, Layout and Design, Computer Graphics, Marker Concepts, Advanced Advertising, Packaging Design, Promotional Design and Commercial Illustration. The course aims to help students acquire a much greater design awareness and become effective and creative communicators who have their own individual style. A strong emphasis is placed on computer graphic skills with students gaining advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In design on both Apple and Windows PC computers. By completion of the Diploma of Arts course students have the necessary skills to work in areas such as Advertising, Art and Design, Publishing, Packaging or Promotions.
The Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design and Advertising) is offered at the Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and Melbourne campuses.

Illustration 1
Electronic Imaging 2
Advertising 1
Electronic Design 2
2D Design 2
Computer Concepts Copyright
Commercial Illustration
Illustration 2
Finished Art 3
Vocational Placement Scheme (unsupervised hours)
Career Preparation 2
Professional Practice
Colour Analysis
Career Preparation
Typography and Layout
Electronic Design 1
2D Design 1
Electronic Imaging 1
Finished Art 1
Computer Skills Technical
Printing Processes
Access and Use of the Internet
Finished Art 2
Vocational Placement Scheme (unsupervised hours)
Fashion Illustration
Corporate Design
2D Design 3
Electronic Imaging 3
Advertising 2
Career Preparation 3
Book Illustration
Photography Direction
Packaging Design
Vocational Placement Scheme (unsupervised hours)
Creative Writing
Web Page Design and Development

By the completion of the course, students will be equipped for a professional position as a Graphic Artist, Designer or Illustrator within an agency, art studio or publishing house whereby their creative and technical skills my be fully utilised.

An extensive industry placement program is integrated into the Diploma Course whereby students are required to work within an advertising/art/printing company for up to 6 weeks of their course. 

The opportunity to work within these companies will enable all students to have not only a greater understanding of the industry but also a greater appreciation of the working conditions and professional standards required of them for employment.
Full time: 43 Weeks 
(excluding holidays)
Part time: 2 Years 
(including holidays)
External: 30 months 
(including holidays)

What are the entry requirements for the course? 

Refer to the course information found on this website for all entry 
requirements. For example a Certificate III in Arts (Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing) has a Year 10 level of entry or Recognition of Prior learning. What this means is a person must have:
1.successfully completed Year 10, or
1.worked previously in a related industry, or
1.completed study in a related course, or
If none of the above but are over 21 years of age, you can enroll as a mature age student.

Course Code: 30320QLD

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