Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alyce's Pathways

Interior Design

Diploma of Interior Technology

Course Code 39073QLD
Take your passion for interior design to the next level and be the master of your own project.
On successful completion of this course/qualification, you will be able to:
Select colour schemes for interior projects
make appropriate selections of furniture, fittings, fixtures, finishes and furnishings
write office communication documents
design fabrics, furniture and other interior elements
produce manual and computer generated technical drawings of interior fitouts
support the interior designer during the design process
produce manually rendered presentation drawings of design concepts
solve construction issues related to interior fitouts
produce digital images of design concepts
prepare specifications for interior projects
estimate costings for interior projects
work with clients on fitout problems.

Delivery Method
The Diploma consists of 18 months full time study.
Timetable: Approximately 2.5 days per week. Please allow additional study time.
Austudy approved.
The first year of the diploma is design and documentation of residential interiors. Learners who choose to exit the Diploma of Interior Technology may, upon request, be issued with the Certificate IV in Residential Interior Technology provided competency has been achieved in specified units. The second year of the diploma is design and documentation of commercial (office and retail) interiors.
Assessment strategy/guidelines
Learning outcomes within this program will be assessed using Competency-Based Assessment strategies that focus on criterion-referenced assessment requiring learners to be assessed against a standard rather than the others in the group. Holistic Assessment that seeks the integration of knowledge, skill and application are encouraged.
You may be able to obtain recognition for your work or life experiences under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current competencies (RCC) process. Speak to your teacher in your first session.

Entry Requirements
Entry is possible (whether having achieved Year 12 or as a mature age student) with assumed knowledge, where specific knowledge and a background in the subject will help with understanding the study material. It may be difficult to succeed without that knowledge. Must have basic literacy, numeracy and computer skills.

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