Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Alicias study option1

Diploma in
Image & Fashion Styling

Becoming a personal shopper, image consultant or fashion stylist is a dream for many, but few have the necessary personal shopper training or image consultant training to ensure success in the industry. Personal shopper employment, image consultancy and fashion stylist careers are growing around the world, not just in London, UK and New York, but everywhere that people care about their image. But it is only those with professional skills who will truly achieve their goals.
Limperts Academy of Design offers image consultant training and fashion stylist courses to help you become an image consultant, fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist or personal shopper. All courses are available by home study, or through our affiliated schools and colleges. For more information, job descriptions and a fashion styling career guide, follow the links on this page to learn more about specific courses.

Career Opportunities

Fashion Styling is a relatively young industry and there are plenty of job opportunities available, some more obvious than others. Most Fashion Stylists work freelance (self-employed), offering their services to businesses or publishing houses (in the case of editorial stylists). You may also seek employment with some of the larger department stores or fashion houses in their visual merchandising departments. The type of skills you will learn on this course would be beneficial in any of the following areas...
0. Retail managers and visual merchandising artists
0. All areas of design, such as fashion, costume and graphic design
0. Advertising, marketing and visual communications
0. Photography and multi-media services
0. Image consultants and personal shopping services
One of the best tools you can have to help you impress potential clients and/or employers is a strong portfolio, which is what you will have on completion of this

Diploma in Image & Fashion Styling
Full payment – 1,595 euros
plus 30 euro postage

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